Art and Ose
Courses & Workshops

Isabelle de Bellefroid and Jose Sahagun, an abstract sculptor working with Isabelle, offer sculpting courses (clay modelling, paper mache, resin, wood, etc.) for adults and children 8 years and older.

Isabelle de Bellefroid et José Sahagun

These courses are designed for experienced as well as beginning students. With Isabelle you will work mainly with clay and with Jose you will use other material as well.  Each of us can choose our own creation. The important part is to learn how to look and how to create. The subjects can be either figurative or abstract, but there will always be a balance between proportions and creativity.

Classes are given at the new workshop location: 80 rue de la Station in Rhode Saint Genese, 1640 (pancarte Ragoen).  

If you would like more information about one of our courses, or if you would like to check out the dates of our upcoming school holiday sessions, please contact Art et Ose.