de Bellefroid, sculptor

What Isabelle captures and expresses in her art is the emotion of situations: it’s how the soul perceives what the body experiences. Brought to life in bronze and resin, the emotions take form and mature until they become symbolic statues.

At her workshop in Rhode-Saint-Genese, in the Brabant Flamand region, Isabelle creates unique figurative scultpures through which she transmits her passion and creativity.

Isabelle loves sharing and communicating her passion and does so through different activities offered to both children and adults:

- Classes available throughout the whole year
- Week long courses given during school holidays
- Weekends: Possibility to organize sculpting courses or themed days in your home

On top of her career as a sculptor, Isabelle has also organized workshops for artistic expression in collaboration with Therapists. She also has experience working with people with intellectual disabilities. 

Today, Isabelle de Bellefroid welcomes you to her new artistic space Art et Ose, a non-profit association in Rhode-Saint-Genese, in collaboration with José Sahagun, an artist of abstract sculptures.

Together, they offer different sculpting classes (clay modelling, paper maché, resin, wood, etc.) for adults and children 8 years and older.

Ils osent la différence en accueillant à chaque cours un adulte ou enfant différent.

These 2 passionate artists love to share and communicate their passions by offering different activities which you can discover on this website.

For any questions, feel free to contact Isabelle de Bellefroid.

Each of us can choose our own creation. The important part is to learn how to look and how to create. The subjects can be either figurative or abstract, but there will always a balance between proportions and creativity.

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Isabelle de Bellefroid Sculpteur

Les mati & révere des prennent vie entre ses mains
pour devenir des & ecirc; tres de bronze, sine ou encore de terre cuite

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